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Personnel Training

Personnel Training

Training Information

The Company regularly organizes staff training, including pre-service training, on-the-job training and professional training. The Company will subsidize some of the training. 
The Company carries out pre-service training for new employees, including introduction, system explanation, safety regulations, etc. According to the characteristics of the work, the Department Heads shall organize on-the-job training to improve the professional skills and efficiency of the employees according to the actual needs of the work. 
According to the business needs, the Company will select excellent managers to receive professional training or invite experts and scholars to give lectures to improve the skills of trainees. 
Employees who obtain the bachelor's degree or above (national education sequence) required for the development of the Company through self-study during their working period, or obtain the intermediate title or above at their own expense, or obtain the professional qualification of technician or above, shall be rewarded or reimbursed by the Company after the review.  Those who take part in the on-the-job training and pass the examination and obtain the qualification certificate will be reimbursed for the training expenses, but will not be reimbursed if they fail to pass the test.

Promotion Information

The Company provides a broad development platform so that every employee has the opportunity to get promoted. And, the Company has sales sequence, management sequence, technology sequence (R & D, engineering, IT quality), thus employees can choose the development channel according to their own conditions and job characteristics.

Skill sequence Management sequence Professional sequence Position
Senior Senior Business Specialist Senior college Senior Engineer Deputy general manager
Senior Business Specialist High Commissioner Senior Engineer Manager
Deputy Senior Business Specialist Deputy High Commissioner Deputy Senior Engineer Deputy manager
First Class Business Specialist First level commissioner Engineer Director
Secondary Business Specialist Second Commissioner Deputy engineer Deputy Director
Primary Business Assistant Hosted Intern Engineer Team leader
Secondary Business Assistant Managed Technician Deputy leader

The company organizes two promotion examinations every year, organizes the promotion examinations at the level of the following levels in July, organizes all the serial level promotion examinations in January, and organizes all the serial level promotion examinations in January. The promotion method is announced by the Human Resources Department.

The company will give promotion results based on personal morality, qualification criteria, job performance, work attitude, work ability, performance evaluation, interview results, etc. Employees with diligent work, outstanding ability, and both ability and political integrity are given priority in promotion and development opportunities.

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